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Welcome to My Athletics, provided by AMMS Athletics Software. This is the website where you can make bookings and purchase day passes for selected sporting events

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  1. Good evening
    I purchased a ticket online this morning (26 Oct 2021) but didn’t receive an e-ticket via email…

    1. Good Day Andre,
      We managed 600 spectators at the event. Members were able to pre-pay and pay at the facility. Each person was scanned in and out of the facility. We released real-time reports of the number of people inside the stadium allowing the organisers of the event to give maximum opportunity to compete. Maybe you did not have all the information at hand calling it “Nonsens”. We are happy to provide further information if so required.

  2. I am not a or the coach for my team but will accompany them and my name is on the team registration form. Did not need to register separately last week. Therefore did not think i needed to it this week. Totally my mistake. But i am the only teacher/ adult travelling with the team and really need to get into the stadium. Sorry for the inconvenience. Travelling therefore do not reply via e mail but phone.

    1. I am happy we were able to assist you with access so you could attend the event.

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